Theresa May’s speech on mental health

Theresa May’s speech on mental health highlights the Conservatives’ abject failure on providing people in need the support they deserve. There is no reason to believe these new promises won’t be broken like the ones they have made before.

She might talk about equality between mental and physical health, but we are yet to see their rhetoric become reality.

As Barbara Keeley MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health, said, “The truth is that funding for mental health fell by over 8% over the last parliament, there are now 6,600 fewer mental health nurses compared to 2010 and thousands of patients in crisis have to travel out of area for a psychiatric bed. Much of the extra funding meant for children’s mental health services has actually been used for other NHS services.

“The Government has failed to provide sufficient funding for mental health services, and people are being let down as a result.”