The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

I have fought my whole political life for the rights of displaced people, asylum seekers and refugees. The right to a decent life is a human right and over the last couple of decades, the number of refugees has skyrocketed because of military, environmental and political crises.

Russia’s shocking invasion of Ukraine means we are already seeing a predictable flood of refugees.  There is an urgent need to help these desperate people fleeing this war and at the same time, to change our unjust borders and immigration policy.

I am doing all I can to pressure the government to support refugees from Ukraine, just as other European nations have done.  Today in parliament there was much discussion made about the subject and notably, about the mixed messages being sent out from the Government on exactly what assistance is and is not being offered by the Home Office (including in Calais).

Whilst we are at it, we must not forget that there are also victims of war from ongoing conflicts around the world, including those in Yemen and Ethiopia to whom we must also provide safe passage and security.

We need to build solidarity across borders and make a stand for dignity and human rights. Seeing the international public support is also revealing to us the very best of humanity around the world, and that at least is uplifting, and we must match it with political commitment.