The Nationality and Borders Bill & Ukrainian Refugees

There is an urgent need to help the people fleeing the war in Ukraine and at the same time, to change our unjust borders and immigration policy.  Russia’s shocking invasion of Ukraine means we are already seeing a predictable flood of refugees.

I am doing all I can to pressure the government to support refugees from Ukraine just as other European nations have done.  We also need to provide safe passage and security for the victims of war from ongoing conflicts around the world, including those in Yemen and Ethiopia.

I am also doing all I can to stop the current and awful Nationality and Borders Bill.  We need to build solidarity across borders and make a stand for dignity and human rights and resist Johnson’s clampdown.

For these reasons, I opposed the Nationality and Borders Bill and I voted against it when it was heard in Parliament on 8 December 2021.  Unfortunately, it was passed by a vote of 298 to 231.  I support removing clause 11 of the Bill and am glad that the House of Lords is putting up an amendment to remove that clause.

I believe that people have a right to claim asylum and that the UK has a moral obligation to ensure there are always safe and legal routes for refugees seeking sanctuary in the UK.   There is huge cross party support and pressure on the Government for the UK to vastly improve on the current paltry number of 800 or so refugees who have been processed so far!

My voice is being added to these demands consistently and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for my latest contributions to this very urgent debate.