The killing of Tom Hurndall

The killing of Tom Hurndall in Gaza was extra-judicial and a tragic event, and should always be remembered.

I fully and unreservedly condemned that shooting at the time.

I have recently signed EDM 1064, and we can only keep speaking out against these kinds of criminal acts, which sadly continue to this day.  This year alone, 98 Palestinians have been killed, including 17 children, and over 2,500 have been seriously injured.

Tom is an eternal symbol of bravery, solidarity and humanity.  My thoughts are with his family and friends, and all those still striving for liberation.

Additionally, on the broader subject of Palestine and Israel, there were two debates in April 2023:

One is here:  Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories – Hansard – UK Parliament

The one I managed to speak in is here:  Human Rights Protections: Palestinians – Hansard – UK Parliament