Taking action on climate and nature

Many constituents have emailed me about acting on climate and nature.

I completely agree that our climate and our nature is one of our top priorities and I’ll continue to lobby anyone with any powers on this I promise you.

We have some of the oldest and least well-insulated homes in Europe, are very reliant on gas boilers, and we have not progressed far enough in transitioning towards renewable energy.

And of course, the UK is opening new oil fields. The Government must implement a managed phasing out of North Sea oil and gas extraction in line with the urgent need to reduce climate emissions.

“Protecting our forests and keeping deforestation out of our supply” is a very interesting concept point indeed and I wholeheartedly support it.

I have always seen preserving and restoring our uplands as one of our responses to counter the environmental crisis we are facing.

I spoke on this during the ‘Protecting and Restoring Nature: COP15 and Beyond’ debate in parliament in July 2022 and if you are interested you can read the transcript here:

Protecting and Restoring Nature: COP15 and Beyond – Hansard – UK Parliament

The UK has experienced some of the highest biodiversity loss in the world according to a 2019 State of Nature Report, pointing out that the biggest threat to biodiversity in the UK is industrialised agriculture.

More money must be available directly to farmers who are best placed to make the right decisions about how that money is used. That way they can restore nature, and provide better food, not just do what enables them to make ends meet.