Stop Cosmetics Tests on Animals

I know that many of my constituents, like me, are very concerned about helping to stop Cosmetics Tests on Animals. Perhaps many of you are already aware of my firm stance in support of animal welfare.

I oppose animal testing and my position has always been that we desperately need a proper and serious scientific hearing into animal experimentation including all the practices that support it, such as breeding dogs for use in those experiments.

It is a surprise that the US is now leading on making vital changes towards new, non-animal testing practices using alternative New Approach Methodologies. I would have thought that in itself, this would put pressure on the UK to follow suit.

It’s almost ironic that we already have ample data showing that some, if not a lot of the evidence provided by animal experimentation may not be providing reliable proof that a compound (whether it’s a drug or cosmetic) is safe for humans.

You can be sure of my full support in continuing to work for restricting live animal testing and advocating for adoption of the alternatives which we already have.