Statement on World Mental Health Day

It is World Mental Health Day; we should use today to reflect on the difficulties people we know face and think about how we can support them. The Labour Party and our Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Luciana Berger, will champion parity of esteem for mental health across all our services.

I spoke about mental health at the Labour Party Conference last week:

“It’s an issue for all of us. Every one of us can have a mental health problem. So let’s end the stigma. End the discrimination.

And with Luciana Berger, our Shadow Minister for Mental Health, I’m going to challenge the Tories to make parity of esteem for mental health a reality not a slogan.

With increased funding – especially for services for children and young people. As three quarters of chronic mental health problems start before the age of 18.

Yet only a quarter of those young people get the help they need. All our work is important on bringing mental health to the forefront of a public understanding and a public debate.

End the stigma, end the discrimination. Treat people with mental health conditions as you would wish to be treated yourself.”