Speaking in Scotland today following the Tory Party Conference

The Tory conference was a feast of spin and deception.

Fake claims to be on the side of working people while robbing three million low paid families of £1,300 a year with the Tax Credit cuts.

Fake claims to be fighting poverty on the very day independent research revealed their cuts would drive more than 200,000 working households into poverty.

Fake claims to support equality as Theresa May was condemned by the Institute of Directors for jeopardising Britain’s economic recovery by pandering to anti-immigration sentiment.

And it wasn’t just Theresa May who let the mask slip to reveal how far the Tories are from the common ground. Jeremy Hunt showed low paid workers just what the Tories really think of them when he said their Tax Credits had to be cut to make them graft.

So behind the spin and the rhetoric we could all see out of their own mouths it was the same old Tories. On the side of the few not the many. Robbing millions of Britain’s low paid workers to fund an Inheritance Tax cut for the 60,000 wealthiest estates. Whose answer on Tax Credits now is apparently to send families their cuts letter after rather than before Christmas.

Our huge and growing membership, a re-vitalised Labour, is what has rattled Cameron and the Tories. While they hide behind crude personal attacks, we will continue to judge their actions, not their words because Labour stands with the many, the great majority of the British people who demand a fairer and more equal society.