Jeremy Corbyn slams Tories for putting you and your family at risk with Autumn Statement (The Mirror)

Last Wednesday the Conservatives put you and your family at risk.

Faced with overwhelming evidence showing the NHS is on the brink of financial meltdown, the government ignored the pleas of patients and the advice of doctors and nurses.
Instead, Theresa May refused to offer a single extra penny to save our NHS or struggling social care system when the Tories’ Autumn Statement spending plans were unveiled.

And they made clear they plan to end the current “triple lock” incomes protection for pensioners.

The NHS is the health service admired across the world.

No matter your age or wealth, when you or your child is ill our hospitals and our GPs are there when you need them.

After six wasted Tory years, our hospitals will be almost £30 billion in the red by 2020.

The government is forcing hospitals to draw up plans for what services they will cut.

So far the proposals include cutting the number of Accident and Emergency departments by half. Maternity services will be slashed and thousands of beds lost.

If you live in Birmingham you currently have four hospitals; under these plans that will be cut by half, leaving two hospitals to care for over a million people.

The A&E Unit in Huddersfield is one of many facing closure.

In south-west London, busy St George’s – which features on Channel 4’s ‘24 hours in A&E’ – is on a list of possible hospital closures.

With waiting times soaring, and four million people on waiting lists, now is not the time to be cutting our health service – we need to invest in it.

A Labour government will fully fund the NHS; give parity to physical and mental health, and integrate social care to alleviate the problem of bed blocking.

There is an alternative to cuts, closures and creeping privatisation.

That’s why Labour is putting the NHS front and centre stage.

Today Labour members are holding over 550 separate NHS events nation-wide. Please add your voice, to help care for our NHS.