Sea Blasts

Oceans are of critical importance to life on earth. They are some of our richest and most diverse ecosystems.

I have been increasingly concerned over the years about the many threats to our oceans and the marine life which sustains our whole world ecosystem. We see the damaging effects of the trawling method and the sheer overfishing of our oceans and the threat from global warming. And now we are sad witnesses to the damage done to marine animals and their home because of the unexploded munitions of war.

Clearly, if there are alternatives to igniting the contents of these munitions such as splitting the casing and in effect defusing them or controlling the burn, then this must be done, and I am fully in support of this.

There is already enough of a threat to dolphins, sharks and even whales through by-catch; we don’t want to add to an already sorry state of marine affairs. And the consequences of not properly protecting our marine environment threatens livelihoods in coastal communities that depend on a healthy ocean ecosystem.

A lot of MPs (including myself) signed the motion below since it was laid in December 2020:
The Stop Sea Blasts campaign: Dr Lisa Cameron (East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow)
That this House recognises the environmental damage brought to marine habitats by detonations of unexploded ordnance at sea; is concerned that marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, are dependent on their auditory system for navigation and communication, and that disruptive detonations can lead to mass-stranding events; notes that is is nearly 10 years to the day since the Kyle of Durness mass-stranding; further notes that low-order deflagration is a safe alternative to clear offshore munitions without a harmful explosion; understands that a BEIS-funded trial has found deflagration is up to several hundred times quieter than detonation; welcomes the calls of the Stop Sea Blasts campaign for regulations to favour the deflagration technique; and urges the Government to progress those issues.

Green/environmental matters are of paramount importance, especially in this year in the lead up to COP26 talks in Glasgow.