Npower’s price hike fans the flames of fuel poverty – let’s crack down on profiteering at the top (The Mirror)

People need a 15% bill rise like a hole in the head. But that is what Npower customers now face after today’s shock price rise.

Fuel poverty, which already affects one in ten households, can only grow as a result. People across the country are struggling to make ends meet.
Around one in five workers earns less than the living wage , and millions are on insecure contracts, unsure what they will be earning from week to week.

The government’s energy regulator Ofgem has said companies should absorb price rises and not pass them on to customers.

After all, these companies make huge profits and their chief executives take huge pay rises on top of already massive salaries.

Last year the Mirror reported that the bosses of the Big Six energy companies were paid £12 million between them.

People are fed up with taking home wages that don’t allow them to make ends meet, when those at the top are earning more than ever.

The pay of Britain’s top executives is now over 180 times what the average worker earns.

It means this elite few earn in two days what it takes most people all year to earn. They are certainly not worrying about their energy bills!

We cannot go on with energy companies, landlords, and rail franchises taking a hugely excessive cut for themselves.

It’s time to end the rigged economy and crack down on the unaccountable power that allows a privileged few to rip-off the many.

Labour will take action to end this outrageous wealth grab by introducing a £10 per hour real living wage, guaranteeing the triple lock for pensioners – which the Tories are threatening to scrap – and putting an end to the grotesque pay and profiteering at the top.