Making polluters pay

I fully agree that polluters, the contributors to global warming, must be made to pay for the damage that they do to our precious environment. They make money, but we, and the environment, pay for it.

This is grossly unfair, so reparatory levies that are used to offset the damage that is being done to the environment and people’s lives, must be sought.

It’s not surprising that COP26, under UK leadership, did not seek to setup a Loss and Damage fund, because our government represents the interests of one group of its clients, the powerful and wealthy corporations who are responsible for profit-driven carbon pollution.#

These corporations can easily fund a Loss and Damage initiative, they just need to be forced to do it.

I have signed EDM 374 thanks, as have another 35 MPs.
Loss and Damage Action Day 2022

Wera Hobhouse (Bath)

That this House acknowledges Loss and Damage Action Day, which is taking place on 22 September 2022, to highlight the severe impacts of climate change already affecting communities around the world; notes that climate change induced loss and damage is projected to cost between $290bn and $580bn a year by 2030 in developing countries alone, and that at present this cost is set to fall on the communities affected, who have done little or nothing to cause the problem; further notes that communities in the UK are also increasingly affected by the escalating impacts of climate change, including this summer’s wildfires; believes that the UK and other developed countries have a responsibility to provide financial support to developing countries experiencing loss and damage; calls on the Government to pledge its support for a loss and damage finance facility ahead of COP27 in November; and further calls on the Government to prioritise this issue in its diplomatic efforts during the remainder of the UK’s COP26 Presidency.

UPDATE 20 November – Fortunately, COP27, hosted by Egypt, reached a “breakthrough Agreement on a new ‘Loss and Damage’ Fund for Vulnerable Countries” as announced by the United Nations.