Jackdaw gas field

There is no basis for projects such as Jackdaw. It cannot be justified on the basis that the UK wants to move away from Russian gas, as the UK imports very little.  I suspect that the real reason is the rocketing costs of gas itself.

The Jackdaw gas field was given the go ahead on the second of June this year but given the poor return on investment to the public, it is difficult to see how it is not designed simply to produce profits for a few vested interests. The release of CO2 is indefensible, so it looks very much like another “cash cow” project for the already wealthy investors.

I also suspect that Jackdaw may be a vanity project to appeal to voters, pretending that the UK is taking firm action in the face of soaring energy costs.  It hardly bothers this Government that there may be adverse repercussions from many of the actions it takes where it wants to present a particular image to the public.

Greenpeace have said that they will take the UK Government to court over this gas field, and I fully support such an action.

I will continue to campaign both in Parliament and in our communities for development of green renewable energy sources, not fossil fuel sources.