Islington North Newsletter: September-October 2023

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We are all in despair over the unfolding catastrophe in Israel and Gaza. Innocent people are dying, and none of our political leaders are prepared to do what’s right and call for an immediate ceasefire to stop any further loss of life. Please see my full statement, which addresses the unfolding horror with the gravity it deserves, further along in this report.

October is Black History Month. Thank you to Islington Council for putting on some fantastic events to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of Black communities to this country. This month is also an opportunity to reflect on what we need to do moving forward. History is being made every day and should be taught all year round. We all need to learn about the history of empire in our ongoing struggle for racial justice.

I continue to stand up for your rights in Islington North, and this month marked the 50th anniversary of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy to defend the rights of Labour Party members. As these rights come under unprecedented attack, we will continue to stand up for our movement and the values we share. You can read my article for Labour Outlook on party democracy here: Only a democratic party can provide the policies this country needs – Jeremy Corbyn (

In Parliament and work with other MPs

Stand up to racism
I was distressed to learn of the visit of renowned Spanish far-right extremist to the UK. Isabel Peralta was permitted entry to speak at a far-right gathering in Preston. I wrote to the Home Secretary (25/09) to express my grave concerns and ask what actions she was taking to ensure entry is not granted to those seeking to facilitate, organise or attend fascist gatherings in this country.

Her visit more or less coincided with Suella Braverman’s statement that “multiculturalism has failed”. She should come to Islington North, where strength in diversity is our greatest success.

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (Pace) held its 4th session (09-12/10) in Strasbourg as usual where I spoke up on a number of issues including equality and inclusion. In a debate on the far-right, I stood up for refugees who are being demonised across Europe.

There was much discussion on the South Caucasus region, when (in September) Azerbaijan regained control of all of Nagorno-Karabakh, which had been de facto controlled for 30 years by its majority ethnic Armenian population. Ethnic Armenian forces surrendered to Azerbaijan after one day of fighting, and nearly all of the region’s 120,000 ethnic Armenians fled.

I had discussions about Dr Gubad Ibadoghlu, a constituent and senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics who is currently detained in Azerbaijan. Notably with Ambassador Sandy Moss, but also with other members who are equally concerned bout his situation. Dr Ibadoghlu has been an outspoken critic of the systemic corruption surrounding Azerbaijan’s ruling elite and is not in good health. I mentioned his case in my last report: At Risk Academics (12/09) At-risk Academics: UK Support – Hansard – UK Parliament

In making the most of my time in Strasbourg though it is a busy schedule anyway, I made time to attend a demonstration on Kurdish rights.

Additionally, the PACE Migration Committee sat in Reykjavik (20-22/09) and it was a very productive session with an important agenda during which I also pushed back on a significant amount of right wing hostility toward desperate migrants who are fleeing war.

October 4th was the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. 87 years ago, Jewish, and Irish communities came together to defeat Oswald Mosley and his fascists. It is a story that my parents’ generation taught me: never give in to the far-right.

I strongly oppose the UK government’s decision to approve Rosebank (27/10), which displays shameful disregard for future generations. Some want to “give investors certainty”, but how much certainty will investors have on a burning planet? Stop Rosebank and invest in renewables instead!

My most recent outputs, be it a parliamentary intervention or speech, or a comment outside the confines of parliament are all accessible on my social media which can be easily located on my website: Jeremy Corbyn MP


For the first time in NHS history, junior doctors and consultants took joint strike action (20/09). As ever, they have my full support in their demands for pay restoration. Without doctors, we have no NHS. It’s that simple!

We will keep defending our NHS from privatisation and outsourcing. You can read an article I wrote for the Islington Tribune on the importance of a fully-public NHS here: We must stand up for a fully-public NHS’ | Islington Tribune

There is a new Maternity Ward at the Whittington Hospital (28/09) which I was delighted to visit. It is an incredible achievement of updating the space to bring it into line with the excellent service which new parents already were receiving at what I can only describe as a world class institution. It was a pleasure to meet with midwifes, management and gynaecologists working in the ward and hear first hand from the passionate individuals behind the service, who we are so lucky to have providing for us here in Islington.

It was great to join university staff on strike at London Met for decent pay, job security & workplace equality (26/09). University management would rather see students suffer than co-operate with those who keep the institution running! Solidarity with UCU members everywhere!

My school visits continue, and it was a pleasure to attend Duncombe Primary School again this term (06/09). What a wonderful school this is, and an important hub in our community, serving some of the most disadvantaged communities in our borough.

Meeting with Year 5 and 6 Poole’s Park Primary School pupils (05/09) ahead of their upcoming School Council Elections was uplifting. We chatted about the role of an MP and how Parliament works. I enjoyed our discussion which also covered the meaning of democracy. I always enjoy answering the students’ questions and this was no exception. The environment was high on the agenda which is impressive, as was the government’s role in protecting it. Understandably, the students were proud to tell me about the award they had won for their community garden.

We had a fantastic meeting in Durham Road Community Centre (03/10) on the housing crisis. It should not be controversial to say that everybody deserves a decent, safe and comfortable place to live. We demand rent controls, a massive social housing programme and an end to the scourge of empty homes!

And, speaking of safety, I was extremely concerned to receive reports from residents at Pitt House that the sewage flood had reoccurred outside their building again. I visited the building once again (15/09) and witnessed the smell and the flood first hand. I am appalled that the residents living in this constituency are dealing with a recurrent biohazardous flood outside of their homes. I have relayed my position on this to all parties concerned and will be continuing to raise this matter until I see that the constituents are living in safe and hygienic conditions.

On 3/09 I attended the Somali Community safety meeting organised by Cllrs Bashir Ibrahim and John Woolf. There was a great turnout and all who attended actively engaged in a discussion about issues faced by the community. I look forward to working with the council and the Somali community to develop an inclusive strategy that addresses these issues.

Tufnell Park (ward) held a community event at the Hilldrop Centre (30/09) which brought people in the community together to catch the last of the summer weather. At a stall outside the Emirates Stadium (14/10) I chatted with locals and supporters. I really enjoy these informal gatherings which give me the chance to exchange views with those who pass by.

Thank You

I was humbled to have been made Honorary President of Islington Trades Union Council. Thank you for bravely defending the values of our movement: solidarity, equality and justice. We will continue to stand by workers in their struggle for a fairer society. Andy Bain and other members of the Trades Union Council did a huge amount of work to organise this event.

I visited the Shaolin Temple (30/09) to celebrate their 30th year as a Buddhist temple that provides a spiritual sanctuary and martial arts facilities to the community and beyond. I am impressed with the work they have done over the years, and I look forward to seeing the centre grow.

I continue to fulfil local commitments to Islington community organisations, either because I am a patron or trustee, or just
because I wish to support their good work, including, this month: Light Project International’s Trustee meeting, Finsbury Park mosque, and Hilldrop Community Centre.

As a trustee of Elizabeth House – with its brilliant director Nathalie Renaud and her team – I joined in their celebration of their 30th anniversary charity event (29/10).

Brickworks: Glody Lokole (originally a volunteer) worked at the centre for the past six years and I attended his farewell (06/10) where we all made it clear how much his contribution to the Brickworks community will be missed.

Sad News
We are very sad to learn that Jon Privett has died. His wonderful bookshop, Word On The Street, was there on Archway Market’s very first day in 2006. He also ran the floating bookshop, Word on the Water, in King’s Cross. His life’s work will carry on, but we will miss him greatly.

Beyond Islington

Israel and Palestine
We are all thinking of those in Israel and Palestine suffering unimaginable pain, trauma, and fear. The horrific attacks on civilians on the 7th October in Israel were deplorable. This cannot justify the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, who are paying the price for a crime they did not commit. Half of Gaza’s population are children. Trapped in an open-air prison without food, water, gas, or electricity, they are watching their homes turn to rubble with nowhere to go. We should condemn the use of violence against all civilians, Israeli and Palestinian. And we must renew our calls for an immediate ceasefire to prevent any further loss of life. In times of war, we need more voices for peace — and the only way to achieve peace is to end the occupation. You can read my article for Tribune Magazine, on the urgent need for a ceasefire, here: Jeremy Corbyn: “I Condemn Violence Against All Civilians, Why Can’t Keir Starmer?” (

I was proud to join thousands in London (14/10) to march for Palestine. We cannot stand by as Gaza is decimated. Today, we gathered in our thousands to mourn the loss of innocent lives, Israeli and Palestinian. We will keep marching until our political leaders wake up: ending the occupation is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace.

I have also added my name to the EDM below tabled by Richard Burgon MP:
This House utterly condemns the massacre of Israeli civilians and taking of hostages by Hamas; agrees with the United Nations Secretary-General that these horrific acts do not justify responding with the collective punishment of the Palestinian people; expresses its deep alarm at the Israeli military bombardment and total siege of Gaza and the resulting deaths and suffering; believes that the urgent priority must be to stop the deaths and suffering of any more civilians in Gaza and Israel; welcomes the joint statement from 12 leading aid agencies, including Oxfam, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Medical Aid for Palestinians and Islamic Relief, calling for the Government to use its influence to help protect civilians, to ensure adherence to international humanitarian law and to guarantee civilians have access to critical life-saving humanitarian support; and to this end supports their call for the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary to urgently press all parties to agree to an immediate de-escalation and cessation of hostilities, to ensure the immediate, unconditional release of the Israeli hostages, to end the total siege of Gaza and allow for unfettered access of medical supplies, food, fuel electricity and water, to guarantee that international humanitarian law is upheld and that civilians are protected in accordance with those laws.

Press freedom
It was an honour to visit Julian Assange in prison (29/09). Julian is in prison for exposing the truth about war crimes – his incarceration is an attack on the freedom of journalists everywhere.

My 2023 Calendars with up-to-date information are freely available for anyone wishing to have one or more. Please telephone the local office if you’d like to receive some and this can be arranged. I’m keen for them to be widely distributed so that everyone knows how to contact me.

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