Islington North Newsletter: July-September 2023

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Over the summer, Parliament has spent much of its time in recess. I have taken this opportunity to spend even more time in our constituency and campaign on the issues that matter to those we represent.

On hearing news reports about reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), I contacted the Council asking about the implications for Islington’s schools, and am being kept updated. I am aware that RAAC is confirmed as present in two schools, however, this isn’t expected to interrupt teaching and the school is being supported by the DfE in carrying out remedial works. Please visit the council’s website ( for more information.

This month saw Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. To all Jewish communities in Islington and beyond, may this year bring you and your loved ones health, peace and joy. Shana Tova!

Like me, many of the football fans among you will have been sad to see the Lionesses narrowly lose the World Cup final. Sarina Wiegman’s team can be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved. They have inspired the next generation!

In Parliament and work with other MPs


The past few months have seen utterly heart-breaking tragedies across the globe, including the earthquake in Morocco, the floods in Greece and Libya. The flooding – and indeed the fires across Europe, and the droughts in the Global South that our media largely ignores – are all proof of the accelerating climate emergency. We need systemic and urgent change to the global economy if we are to achieve climate justice and guarantee a habitable future for the next generation.

I was proud to join Chris Packham and several scientists at Parliament (05/09) to demand the end to new oil and gas.

I’m grateful to the Friends of Finsbury Park for meeting with me (18/09) to discuss ways to protect the wonderful ecology of the park. I am increasingly concerned over the maintenance and protection of the park, with more areas being used for festivals and paid events. On the same evening there was a huge turnout at Space4 for a discussion about the park which I attended, and I’m looking into further ways to protect the park and will update you in my next report.


Many in Islington have been campaigning to stop the government’s plans to close down our railway ticket offices. I was proud to join Islington Pensioners’ Forum outside Finsbury Park Station (17/08), and later members of the RMT in Westminster (31/08) to make our voices heard. The Conservatives know nothing about the real value of ticket offices — all they know is how to run our public services into the ground. There is no replacement for human interaction. I wrote directly to the Transport Minister as well as Govia Thameslink, the latter especially on Finsbury Park. Save our ticket offices!

I also addressed the Transport Minister about HS2 (18/09), after reports that the line to Manchester was due to be scrapped. I reminded him of the pain and disruption that had already been caused around Euston, and told him that we either need a high-speed network or nothing at all.


I have been campaigning to scrap the 2-child benefits cap. A cruel and ineffective policy, the 2-child cap simply pushes families further into poverty, and sends an immoral message that the 3rd or 4th child somehow matters less than the 1st or 2nd. You can read more about my position on the 2-child-benefits cap on the Tribune: ‘We are told that lifting 250,000 children out of poverty isn’t a priority… what is?

Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford it. With the money raised from a 1-2% wealth tax on assets over £10 million, we could afford to scrap the 2-child benefit cap 17 times over. It is a national disgrace that in the sixth largest economy in the world, 4.2 million children are living in poverty. Another future is possible — we just need the courage and conviction to fight for it.

I raise these important points wherever I can and I did so on Robert Peston (20/07) and on LBC (06/09). During LBC’s show, I also made the case for a National Care Service, universal free school meals and free university tuition. You can watch the full show on YouTube: Iain Dale hosts Cross Question 05/09

I helped at a soup kitchen at the Old Fire Station (16/08). The soup was delicious, and I am pleased that volunteers are able to fill, albeit in a small way, the hungry gaps left by this government’s shortcomings.

Human rights

In a debate on “At-risk academics: UK support” (12/09), I raised the case of Dr Gubad Ibadoghlu in Azerbaijan, a distinguished academic and constituent at the London School of Economics, who was seized in Azerbaijan while visiting his mother, and is still imprisoned. The British Government must do all it can to ensure that he gets the medical support and attention he needs, as well as to ensure his right to pursue his profession in peace.

I joined an IPU (Interparliamentary Union) roundtable of visiting Uruguayan MPs (12/09).

In a debate on the “UK’s relations with Mexico” I raised the case of Claudia Uruchurtu (07/09) who was living in the UK with her sister and family before moving back home to Mexico. After demonstrating against corruption by local officials, she was arrested and imprisoned. She has never been seen again. I asked the government to help Claudia’s family get the truth, as well as the support they desperately need.

I praised the progress that is being made in human rights cases whilst also drawing attention to the cases of Miguel Orlando Munoz Guzman, an infantry lieutenant in the army who has been missing since 1993, and of course the 43 students who disappeared in 2014.

I remain a member of several Parliamentary Groups including the Parliamentary Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) and attended meetings with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Western Sahara and the APPG Palestine, Human Rights, among others.

My most recent outputs, be it a parliamentary intervention or speech, or a comment outside the confines of parliament are all accessible on my social media which can be easily located on my website:


I attended the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (19/06-24/06) in Strasbourg where I spoke out against the UK government’s treatment of refugees. I re-emphasised the importance of international conventions to which we have signed up. I also spoke in support of Julian Assange. Democracy is about holding power to account. That is what Julian Assange has done. I called for Julian’s immediate release, along with all other journalists around the world who have been imprisoned for exposing the truth.


The summer break typically includes many summer festivities and I attend as many as I can, mixing with students, residents, tenants, pensioners and more: Pooles Park summer fair (20/7) Room to Heal Summer Party (11/08) International Womens’ Celebration (12/08).

Islington Pensioners Forum held their Annual General Meeting (20/07) and I was honoured to speak at it. I remain a joint president of this wonderful and hard-working organisation.

The indefatigable Dot Gibson, famous for championing the cause of pensioners for some time now hosted a number of folk to a garden party (29/07) which was so very enjoyable. In attendance were Pensioner Forum folk, the Mayor, Clive Anderson.

August 28th was Annette Thomas’ 93rd birthday. Name a campaign, and Annette Thomas has been there, always on the right side of history. Happy birthday from all of us in Islington. Your dedication to peace & justice is an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations to Keith who, this month, celebrated 40 years of providing fresh fruit and veg’ to the people of Islington North on Seven Sisters Road. Thank you Keith!

In Islington North, it’s the quiet, unremarkable acts of kindness that sustain us all. I am proud to campaign alongside my constituents for a fairer society. With your support, that is what I’ll continue to do. Read why I love living in our constituency on the Evening Standard’s website: “Why I live in Finsbury Park: Jeremy Corbyn on the ever-changing north London area he’s lived in for 40 years


I attended a memorial football match (21/08) in honour of Leonardo Reid, the 15-year-old who was tragically killed in June. A huge thanks to Ade and Jason from Elite Coaching Academy for organising the match, to all the young men who took part and to the community for attending. I am pleased that as a community we continue to show up for his family during this difficult time. Additionally, thank you to Arsenal FC for donating an official signed shirt that will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to Leo’s family.

I am sad to be writing about another tragic murder in our borough of 23 year-old Yahye Ahmed. My thoughts are with Yahye’s family, friends, and the wider community who have been affected by this devastating and senseless violence.

I have been contacted by numerous residents near Wray Crescent with concerns over an increase in anti-social behaviour, burglaries, and alleged drug use and drug dealing in the area. In response to these enquiries I called a meeting with the police, local councillors, and Islington Council’s safety officers (18/09) to pass on my concerns over what I’ve been hearing and ask what’s being done to address resident’s concerns. I will be writing to constituents who contacted me in more detail about the action that will be taken.

Similarly, I have been contacted over concerns of ASB on Blackstock Road and last week (15/09) I attended the bi-monthly Blackstock Road and Finsbury Park stakeholder meetings. I do have concerns about criminal activity in the evenings and asked the police to increase their presence during these hours. Lots more work in this area is needed and all involved remain dedicated and hard working.


Thanks to all who attended last month’s meeting at St George’s church hall (27/07) in Islington to show solidarity with refugees and migrants. I’m proud to represent a community that stands up against hatred, supports each other, and celebrates the shared humanity that binds us all together.

Refugee rights was an issue I raised during a podcast with Middle Eastern Eye, which you can watch in full on YouTube: Jeremy
Corbyn | The future of Labour and the Left in Britain | The Big Picture S2EP8

Refugees are not enemies. They are not threats. They are not criminals. They are human beings. Together, we will keep campaigning for a kinder world.

Show Racism the Red Card remain active and I joined a campaign photoshoot with them (12/09) to show my ongoing support.


It was wonderful to join this year’s #StreetsFest in support of people facing homelessness (04/09). Thank you to Streets Kitchen, Arts & Homelessness International, Single Homeless Project, and many others for everything you do.

Ending homelessness is just one of the aims of ACORN, which set up a branch in Islington in August. As a community union, they bring together tenants, workers and residents to ensure housing justice for all. Sign up here:

I’ve been meeting with local leaseholders about their difficulties with the law currently as it is. Most of you will know that I’ve spoken in parliament on this subject repeatedly and I am planning to do so again when my debate on the subject is granted when parliament returns from the conference recess.

I will speak at a local housing meeting (05/10) which is listed on Eventbrite for those of you who are free to come along:
Action on Housing! Tickets, Thu 5 Oct 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Beyond Islington

This month saw the 50th anniversary of the US-backed military coup in Chile, which overthrew the democratically-elected Allende government. Chileans never gave up — after 17 years of repression, democracy was restored. As Pablo Neruda said, “You can cut all the flowers but you can’t stop Spring from coming.”

You can read my article for Tribune online: Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Chile’s Coup Shows that Fascism Is Still a Threat

There are so many lessons to learn from this coup that I travelled to a number of different places speaking at commemorative events (as well as media outlets) on the fragility of democracy and how to protect it.

Last month was the 78th anniversary of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima, and later Nagasaki. We held a moving event at Tavistock Square with members of CND. Security is not destroying your neighbour. Security is getting along with your neighbour. So let’s secure a future free of nuclear weapons and build a world of peace. You can read my piece for Tribune online: Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Humanity Cannot Survive a Nuclear War

The West Belfast Festival – Feile an Phobail – deserves a mention here, since we have a large Irish community in Islington North. The festival began in the dark days of 1988 and has grown to be the largest community festival in Ireland. I was honoured to participate (03/08) in a ”Choices for Ireland” debate which I used to pay tribute to our own Irish community. It was a most inspirational visit if any of you are tempted.


I continue to stand by striking workers campaigning for decent pay and conditions. It was great to join Unite members at St. Mungo’s (0108) to mark ten weeks of strike action. What an extraordinary display of collective resilience and solidarity.


Many of you will have known Mary Ogbogoh (nee Roberts), who died aged 92 at the care home in Sidcup where she had been living in for some time. Mary was a long-standing member of Labour (though she told me she had been “thrown out several times”), CND, Anti-Apartheid and many anti-racist campaigns.

Sadly, Ann Clwyd MP died last month, and having worked with her for many years in the APPG Human Rights Group I spoke in a parliamentary debate in her honour (19/09): Ann Clwyd – Hansard – UK Parliament and plan to attend a memorial service for her in due course.

My 2023 Calendars with up-to-date information are freely available for anyone wishing to have one or more. Please telephone the local office if you’d like to receive some and this can be arranged. I’m keen for them to be widely distributed so that everyone knows how to contact me.

You can see all my contributions in parliament as well as any public comment I issue on my social media:

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My regular constituency advice sessions have resumed and please do ring my office if you wish to have an appointment, or for assistance. Additional telephone appointments with me can also be arranged where that it is sensible.

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