Islington North Newsletter: February 2024

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I had the opportunity to spend additional time in our wonderful constituency recently due to a half term recess. Chatting to local people and listening to their concerns continues to be hugely beneficial for me in representing those needs in parliament.

We all continue to watch in horror as the war in Gaza claims more and more innocent lives. I will keep raising my voice for the same thing I have called for from the very beginning: an immediate ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and a path to a just and lasting peace.

In Parliament and work with other MPs


On the 27th January, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) published their ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel under the Genocide Convention. They found a plausible risk of genocide in Gaza. The verdict was a vital step toward justice for the Palestinian people – and it should be implemented in full. We must not stop calling for a ceasefire to save human lives.

Following the ruling, I asked a government minister (29/01) if all British military aid to Israel had been suspended. He refused to answer. We must end all arms sales to Israel, now. I also expressed my disgust at the government’s decision to suspend funding to UNRWA. This was an act of collective punishment — our government should be ashamed of its moral depravity toward Palestinians starving to death.

I also spoke in a Westminster Hall Adjournment Debate on Humanitarian Aid and Children in Gaza (08/02). I told of my visit to a school at Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza. The children were excited, artistic and full of hope. That school has now been completely destroyed. How many more children must die before our government calls for a ceasefire?

Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGbA)

After attending a demonstration at the statue of Mandela in Parliament Square (02/02), I supported Kim Johnson’s Private Members Bill on Jengba which sadly, and as is the case for so many Private Members Bills, met its end. It did however raise support for those who fall victim to the outdated and unfair practice of guilty-by-association.

Northern Ireland

I spoke in Parliament after the Minister for Northern Ireland made a statement in response to the power-sharing agreement in Northern Ireland. I welcomed the decision, and insisted that it is for the people of the island of Ireland to decide their future, not anybody else.

Other international issues

I visited the Mexican embassy (31/01) – Dan Carden MP was sworn in the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Mexico.

I remain a member of several All Party Parliamentary Groups and Parliamentary Groups including the Parliamentary Socialist Campaign Group (SCG).

My most recent outputs, be it a parliamentary intervention or speech, or a comment outside the confines of parliament are all accessible on my social media which can be easily located on my website: Jeremy Corbyn MP


Thank you to Islington Council for a moving and inclusive Holocaust Memorial event (26/01), to remember the 6 million Jews and other persecuted groups murdered by the Nazis. We are united against antisemitism, opposed to all forms of hatred & defiant in our pledge to say: never again.


We’ve all by now heard the sad news that Islington Council has proposed the closure of Montem Primary School and amalgamating it into Duncombe Primary School. Both are fantastic schools doing brilliant work educating our children and supporting some of our most vulnerable families. I am very sad about this and have met with parents from Montem, as well as with Islington Council to express my views against the proposal.

Falling rolls across the country and thirteen years of government cuts to education budgets have left schools in a dire state. Islington Council, like all boroughs, is faced with an enormously difficult situation to handle, and I do believe they are trying their best to protect our education settings. This situation calls for a new strategic approach that is borough-wide and will be focused on maintaining our existing schools. I will continue making my views known, and I encourage you all to submit your views when the formal consultation process begins.

Community groups

It was a great pleasure to visit Mildmay Community Centre (9/02). What a fabulous place this is; filled with kind and dedicated people looking out for one another. Like all community centres, Mildmay is a space where you can get a warm meal, speak with your neighbours, and get support from caring individuals. In the words of its fantastic Manager, Teena Phillips, community centres are a home away from home.

Find out where your local community centre is and how you can support them through the council website:

I kept up my usual regular visits to local community organisations which this month, included: Hanley Crouch Trustees (25/01)
Stacey St Homeless hostel, Brickworks (29/01) Caxton House (08/02) – I spoke to the wonderful Sue Collins about the hub and the challenges they are currently facing. Unfortunately, Caxton House is one of 5 hubs that had their funding cut by Islington Council. I was sad to hear that Caxton House will need to cut out events for the community, and potentially be closed for 1 day a week in order to remain afloat. I appreciate the financial pressures the council is facing, however, I am deeply concerned about the impact of these cuts on the ability of these hubs to serve the community they were intended to support.

I also attended the Islington Chinese Association’s New Year celebration (17/02).

Happy two year birthday to Streets Kitchen Solidarity Hub! I was very pleased to share celebratory cake with the lovely people who are making such a different to all. Keep up the excellent work (16/02).

If you’re in Finsbury Park, make sure to visit 113-115 Fonthill Road to check out the brilliant t-shirt designs of five talented young people. The t-shirts are the outcome of a six month project by Islington Council which mentored and trained these talented youngsters through a project called Hope-FX. Celebrate their creativity with a t-shirt if you can!


I spoke at a fantastic Islington Local Environment meeting organised by constituent, Martin Franklin (08/02). The event was entitled “Unions for a just transition”. We had a wonderful discussion about the need for a union-led movement that creates millions of green jobs, and which places the burden of cost on the wealthiest in our society. There is no climate justice without social justice!

On the 5th February, Islington was celebrated as a “Borough of Sanctuary”; the NRPF, Refugee and Migrant Service. I attended a great event celebrating Islington’s status as an official Borough of Sanctuary for Refugees, Migrants and Asylum Seekers. It was wonderful celebrating the amazing contributions of refugees in Islington. We heard a wonderful poem ‘Sanctuary’, written with the voices of the women from All Change, an acoustic performance by our very own Councillor Roulin Khondoker, and empowering renditions of songs from Ukrainian refugee Tetiana. Islington has a rich history of welcoming those in need, and I am proud to be part of this community.


I attended a Save the Whittington (10/02) event at Lauderdale House, in defence of its fantastic maternity services. It was very well-attended. I will continue to defend the Whittington’s maternity services, just as we did back in 2010!


I spoke briefly against the war on Gaza for the North London Palestine Assembly on Gaza at the Methodist Church (31/01).

Street Stalls

Street stall, Nags Head

We had two more fantastic street stalls this month. One on Nags head (27/02) and another on Holloway Road (10/02). Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat about the issues affecting our community. In Islington North, we believe a better world is possible — and we are not going anywhere. Stay updated about my work and campaigns here:

Beyond Islington


I attended the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe’s (PACE) first 2024 session. Whilst there, I made the case for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza. Since then, I attended two national Gaza marches in central London, and a demonstration in Westminster. We continue to march because people continue to die.

Those guilty of war crimes evade accountability. Yet those who expose war crimes are punished. Julian Assange’s final UK hearing took place on the 20th and 21st February. We assembled outside the Royal Courts of Justice to oppose his extradition to the US. If extradited, Julian faces life in prison. And for what? For exposing the truth. Journalism is not a crime. Free Julian Assange.

Royal Courts of Justice

I met with a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contact who further enlightened me regarding the desperate situation in the DRC and notably, the actions of the M23.

Just like the people of Palestine, West Papua, Yemen, Sudan and beyond, the people of the DRC deserve to live in peace and freedom. You can read my article here: The UK cannot ignore the crisis in DRC | Opinions | Al Jazeera

This is something I raised at the annual Morning Star conference (10/02), where I also spoke about the ever-pressing need for climate sustainability, an end to arms sales to nations that breach human rights, and urgent action to reduce grotesque levels of global inequality.

Before that, on Sunday 28th January, I spoke at Anti War meeting on Gaza/Yemen in East London alongside a number of other well known anti war activists. More than 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza, yet our government would rather risk a wider war in the region than call for a ceasefire. Where are the voices for peace?


I also wrote an article on the need for a humane asylum system. This government knows their Rwanda plan will never work. That’s not the point. Their goal is to whip up hatred, division and fear. That’s why we must keep standing up for refugees, and their right to be treated with dignity and respect. You can read my article here: Jeremy Corbyn – We must stand up for the rights of refugees (

My 2023 Calendars with up-to-date information are freely available for anyone wishing to have one or more. Please telephone the local office if you’d like to receive some and this can be arranged. I’m keen for them to be widely distributed so that everyone knows how to contact me with ease.

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