Islington North Newsletter – April-May 2023

In Parliament and work with other MPs

Since my last newsletter (19 April), I have divided my time between Parliament, Islington North and the Council of Europe.

The government is accelerating its attack on civil, democratic and human rights. On Tuesday evening, I supported efforts to repeal the Public Order Act. When our democracy is under attack, it’s up to the labour movement to fight back. That means defending our fundamental right to protest. If you believe in women’s suffrage, you believe in the right to protest. If you oppose apartheid, you believe in the right to protest. If you think our children deserve a liveable future, you believe in the right to protest. We must defend our freedoms and repeal the Public Order Act now!

On top of the right to protest, the government continues its attack on the right to asylum. This is particularly concerning in light of the recent conflict in Sudan. There are still no safe and legal routes to the UK for people fleeing the conflict. This is a shameful dereliction of duty by a cruel and callous government.

Let’s hold out the hand of friendship to refugees, wherever they come from.

The third democratic right is the right to vote. This month saw the implementation of the government’s draconian voter ID legislation. This is not about voter fraud. It’s about voter suppression. You can read an article I wrote for Islington Tribune about it here: ‘Voter ID is not about fraud – it’s about voter suppression’ | Islington Tribune

The month of May also marked World Press Freedom Day (03/05), on which we call for the immediate release of all imprisoned journalists, and significantly, Julian Assange, who has spent 4 years in a maximum security prison. We cannot stand by and let governments silence those who seek to expose the truth. Let’s defend free and democratic journalism everywhere.

I tabled this parliamentary motion (1126) to mark the occasion:

World Press Freedom Day and Julian Assange: That this House appreciates that World Press Freedom Day is intended to honour the excellent work and risks taken by journalists throughout the world; notes that one internationally renowned journalist has completed four years in a maximum security prison in this country; recognises that Julian Assange faces extradition to the USA under the Espionage Act for revealing uncomfortable truths such as the publication of material relating to state actions in Iraq and Afghanistan; further notes that such treatment of a journalist jeopardises the freedom of all journalists to go about their work unimpeded by state interference and criminalises the invaluable journalism that is in the public interest; and calls on the Home Secretary to reject extradition.

In Parliament and work with other MPs

As I wrote in my January newsletter, our dear friend and comrade Alice Mahon passed away over Christmas from mesothelioma. This month, I was able to pay tribute to her in a Debate on Asbestos in Workplaces (19/04), noting the leading role she played campaigning for health, safety and welfare at work. I then called for…

“a full audit of all the asbestos dangers in the country, including the tips and so on that we have mentioned. We need a programme of containment and labelling of it everywhere before it is removed, and we need a programme of removal. We should not be the worst country in Europe, or indeed in most of the world, on the question of asbestos safety; we ought to be the best.”

This month marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh, shot by Israeli forces in broad daylight on May 11th. I paid tribute to her during a debate on Human Rights Protections of Palestinians (20/04).

“The loss of Shireen Abu Akleh is deeply felt by Palestinians all over the world. She was the iconic voice of reporting on behalf of al-Jazeera from Palestine, and she was the trusted voice that many Palestinians woke up to every day, to find out what was happening in their land.”

I then went on to speak out against the occupation more broadly, and to call for a free and independent Palestine.

“Surely to goodness, the Palestinian people have suffered enough. The least we can do as a country is recognise the state of Palestine—no qualifications—to show that we are serious in speaking up against the abuse of human rights and for an end to the siege of Gaza.”

The Chagos Islands APPG (17/05) is undoubtedly one, if not the, most productive and well run group in Parliament in my view. David Snoxell has acted as its indefatigable coordinator since approximately 2008 and works very hard in ensuring the group continues to thrive, and make progress. He brings an expertise to the subject which is second to none.

Separately, Olivier Bancoult, Chairman of the Chagos Refugees Group wrote a very interesting article which can be found here: Olivier Bancoult: The US and UK stole the Chagos islands 50 years ago. We need them back | openDemocracy

I am of course a member of several Parliamentary Groups including the Parliamentary Socialist Campaign Group (SCG). The SCG meets regularly in parliament to discuss how best to promote a socialist agenda both inside and outside parliament.

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) held its spring session in Strasbourg in the week of 24th April, followed by a one day special Committee sitting (11/05). We did a great deal of work on immigration, the committee I sit on. Anything substantive that happened there can be found on the PACE website: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe ( and much was said about this government’s approach to immigration and the Illegal Migration Bill. I had intended giving a speech but time there is extremely competitive, and went against me, so it is also available on the website.

As part of my work on the committee, along with a colleague and MP from France I’ve managed to ensure there is a Pace delegation going to the Calais refugee camps in the not too distant future, which I am very pleased about.

Benny Wanda came to meet me at my constituency office to discuss the West Papua situation (05/05). I have been active in this cause for most of my political life and was pleased to speak about it to camera for their campaign.

I met up with Samira Mahmoud Haji, a visiting Somali senator at Parliament (19/04) and had a most informative chat about the politics of the region.

I also joined (Baroness) Christine Blower over coffee for a conversation with the Nicaraguan Education Minister (10/05).

I met an Interparliamentary Union of MPs delegation from the Dominican Republic (17/05). The IPU do exemplary work in ensuring these visits are informative and productive for both visitors and the visited.

Remember, you can locate parliamentary work such as those (oral questions) on Chagos and the Sudan (02/05) and the Arrest of peaceful Protesters (09/05) on my website and/or social media.


Workers across Islington continue to take strike action to protect their pay, save their profession and defend our public services. Most recently, teachers went on strike (27/04) to save the future of education. Solidarity with all workers fighting for what’s theirs!

The Royal College of Paediatrician’s held a picket line (17/05) and I was pleased to support the cause of these very hard working medics.

We held another fantastic street stall (13/05), this time on Blackstock Road, listening to people’s concerns and showing support for one another. I even had time to renew my library card!

Blackstock Road

Sunnyside Community Gardens is going strong and I visited (21/04) for a fundraiser launch toward building a new, fully accessible garden room. The volunteers I met spoke about what a nurturing and positive community space this is for them. The current building at Sunnyside is not fit for purpose, so I would encourage anyone who can to donate something to this project, which will continue to develop and expand their brilliant work. You can donate through the GoFundMe page here.

Sunnyside Gardens

I had a very positive conversation with Councillor John Woolf, Executive Member for Community Safety and Martijn Cooijmans, Director of Climate Change and Transport at Islington Council (21/04) about traffic measures on Seven Sisters and Blackstock Roads. We spoke especially about the bottleneck that forms under the bridge on Seven Sisters Road, and the traffic caused by the gyratory on Rock Street. I have also expressed my concern that some cyclists using the cycle path on Seven Sisters Road then jump onto the pavement, which is very dangerous for pedestrians. The council are already considering solutions to these matters which is terrific.

I was honoured to be the guest speaker at Islington’s Refugee and Migrant Forum (04/05). I am full of admiration for the different organisations and individuals who make up the forum; for the resounding love and acceptance they show to the most desperate in our world. To repeat my words on the day, at a moment when the rhetoric around migrants and refugees is frighteningly hateful, it is more vital than ever that we all continue to offer their solidarity to those seeking refuge in our country.

I also attended a fundraiser hosted by Kurdish And Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation (KMEWO) and IMECE Women’s Centre at Manor Gardens Centre (04/05), raising money for those effected by Turkey and Syria’s most recent earthquake. The Kurdish and Turkish food on offer was wonderful, and the cause a very worthy one. These wonderful women do essential work supporting the women and girls of our community and I’m pleased to support them in this.

As a Trustee of Hanley Crouch I attended their trustees meeting (27/04).

I returned early (from Paris/Migration Committee) in order to attend Gary Heather’s inauguration as our Mayor (11/05). Unsurprisingly, the event was well attended and I trust Gary will not waste a minute in his new role.

Beyond Islington

I had a wonderful day in Hastings (29/04) to celebrate May Day weekend! The loudest chant was in support of refugees — workers will not be divided in the struggle for a better world.

May Day – Hastings

I was proud to join a demonstration (13/05) in London to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, when 75 years ago, over 750,000 Palestinians were violently expelled from their homes by Israeli forces. The Nakba did not end in 1948 — Palestinians continue to resist a system of colonial dispossession and apartheid. Today, we renew our calls for a free and independent Palestine.

I was also a guest of the Palestinian Ambassador, Husam Zumlot, at Central Westminster Hall (12/05) for a Nakba commemoration, inspired by the UN’s recognition of the gravity of the Nakba, last year adopting Resolution A/77/L.24 to mark Nakba Day.

I have spoken at a number of events, either online or in person, on subjects and campaigns including: – The history of socialist & anti-imperialist thought (with Barnaby Raine, Colombia University, 08/05) – Annual conference of “Cooperation for Peace” – Reiner Braun (28/04) – Budapest/European Forum: An international event to commemorate the end of the Second World War and to give impetus to the fight against the resurgent Nazism and fascism in Europe (07/05) – Liberation on Iran


Many who are reading this report will have known Pippa Cosin – beloved wife of Cllr Satnam Gill. Our deepest condolences go to Satnam at this very sad time and our thoughts are with the whole family.

My 2023 Calendars with up-to-date information are freely available for anyone wishing to have one or more. Please telephone the local office if you’d like to receive some and this can be arranged. I’m keen for them to be widely distributed so that everyone knows how to contact me.

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