If Labour stands together we can turn back the Tory tide (The Mirror)

Theresa May talks about delivering an economy that works for working people. But in practice, she’s doing the opposite.

In next month’s Budget, the Tories are set to press on with their endless austerity: still deeper cuts to health and social care, education and local services.

They’re now trying to take away more money from people with disabilities – while they’re handing out multi-billion-pound tax breaks to the wealthiest. It’s the nasty party all over again.

Labour is campaigning for an investment-led economy that restores pride to every community.

And we are determined to end to a tax system rigged for the richest. We think everyone should pay their fair share.

On Thursday, the people of Stoke rejected Ukip’s politics of hate and division – and its sham claim to represent the working class. They voted instead for the NHS , decent jobs and homes, investment and fairness.

But the result in Copeland was deeply disappointing. Labour’s share of the vote in Copeland has been falling for 20 years and of course I take my share of responsibility.

Both these areas, like many others in Britain, have been left behind by globalisation and lost out from a rigged economy.

So it’s no surprise that they rejected the status quo by voting to leave in the EU referendum. That’s why it was important for Labour to respect the result and vote for article 50.

The task now is to fight for a positive future for Britain after Brexit – not the kind of bargain-basement tax haven the Tories want to engineer.

And we must take our message of economic renewal and fairness to every part of Britain and show that Labour has changed under my leadership.

The Conservatives have neglected working people by cutting investment and letting wages stagnate or fall year after year. Six million people now earn less than the living wage.

Labour will be campaigning for investment in decent jobs and homes, education for all, support for the NHS and social care, and fair taxation.

Last year Labour forced the Government to U-turn on £4billion cuts to personal independence payments for people with disabilities. If we stand together we can stop the latest attack too.

We haven’t done enough yet to rebuild trust with people who have been ripped off and sold out for decades and don’t feel Labour represents them.

But if we stand together, I am confident we can do that and turn back the Tory tide.

I was re-elected Labour leader five months ago with a bigger majority and I am determined to finish that job: to reconnect Labour with our working class voters and values so we can win power to rebuild and transform Britain, for the many, not just the few.