Greetings and best wishes to Sikhs everywhere

I’d like to send greetings and best wishes to Sikhs everywhere who are celebrating the birthday of the last living Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Born three and a half centuries ago, Guru Gobind challenged authoritarian rulers with his message of unity in the face of oppression. His legacy of the Five Articles of Faith, or the Panj Kak-kaar, are a daily reminder to Sikhs initiated into the Khalsa tradition of the need to defend the most vulnerable in society, regardless of who they may be.

We in the Labour Party share those values of unity and equality. From a robust NHS to a strong education system, and from a fair economy to a compassionate welfare state, Labour is best placed to make sure that nobody in our society is left behind.

350 years on, the 10th Guru continues to have a strong influence. His famous phrase about ‘recognising the whole of humanity as one’ is something with which all of us in Labour agree.

Wishing you all a wonderful time during the festivities.