Free School Meals

A lot of constituents have written to me about Free School Meals.

For years now we’ve heard stories of children in some families struggling with food insecurity due to financial struggling.  Around 1.8 million school age children are living in food insecurity.

I stand by the 2019 manifesto policy pledging to provide free school meals for all primary school children, to end the stigma and ensure no child goes hungry at school.  We should enshrine in UK law that everyone in the UK has a right to food. I want to see universal free school meals brought back in house wherever possible.

It is outrageous to see the Government cutting back on essential support and services that needy and vulnerable families depend on to survive and thrive, using the cost of Covid and (now) inflation to justify that.

This government’s policies of “austerity” brought us foodbanks, Covid-19 brought us virtual looting by our own Government, and now we face an out-of-control cost of living crisis. The result is that we have a shameful legacy of child hunger, which is fast becoming entrenched. I was very saddened that the House of Lords recently voted against free school meals.

The following links takes you to information about Islington Councils’ excellent policy towards school meals:  Free school meals and uniform grant | Islington Council.

I will continue to campaign both in Parliament and in our communities for a society where no child goes hungry.