Fox Hunting

For almost 30 years I have championed the fight against animal cruelty and have signed countless Early Day Motions opposing practices and actions involving cruelty to animals.

In my view all forms of blood sports are cruel and have no place in a modern, decent and civilised society.  I pledged in 2019 to keep blood sports banned on animal welfare grounds.

I believe the Hunting Act should be strengthened to close existing loopholes, such as illegal foxhunting under cover of trail hunting that is really just a smokescreen to hide the illegal killing of foxes.

Certainly, trail hunting should not be allowed on Government land. It is clear that allowing trail hunting on Ministry of defence and even forestry land means that these activities are even more away from the public gaze and secretive.

You can be confident that I will continue to speak out inside and outside of Parliament against cruelty and illegal actions such as the illegal killing of foxes under the guise of trail hunting.