Electric Scooters

A number of constituents have emailed about electric scooters and some have had negative experiences with thes e-scooters, as they are popularly called. Only yesterday whilst in a car I was overtaken by one doing 30mph on the road;  even lesser powered ones go very quickly on pavements.

We need a sensible legal approach to them, and soon.

According to the Government website (Welcome to GOV.UK (www.gov.uk), using a privately owned electric scooter on public land including roads and pavements is illegal.  However there isn’t enough clarity surrounding this new mode of transport that is certain.

It’s been reported that electric scooters offer convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to get around.  I am in full support of schemes that can help us improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.  Therefore, the onus is on the government to develop and implement legislation that governs the use of electric scooters to ensure other road users and pedestrians are protected.

The Department for Transport have been working with local authorities to run e-scooter rental trials, which are set to run until Autumn 2021.  I support the recommendations provided by the Transport Committee in their Third Report of Session 2019-21.  The report calls for the Department for Transport to create a sensible and regulatory framework for legal e-scooter use.  You can access the report online via the link here:


I have over the years raised the issue of cyclists on pavements on Seven Sisters with the Police. The scooter issue is serious and dangerous, they are too fast and unlicensed.