Climate action and greener home heating

Heating our homes accounts for 30% of the energy consumed here in the UK. It is genuinely alarming that heating accounts for 14% of all carbon emissions in the UK, and that figure could be even higher, up to 20% of all carbon emissions.

Outdated housing stock, outdated boilers, and of course poor insulation are a recipe for disaster here.  To combat this, we would need to retrofit all our housing stock with energy efficient heating and insulation.  A previous government study estimated that 5,000 homes per day would have to be retrofitted with green technologies to have any hope of meeting the then 2050 carbon targets.
So in fact, we almost always know what needs to be done to avoid further Climate crises, but our current political leaders lack the political will to employ the tools. 

I spent the COP26 week in Glasgow speaking up for the solutions we need that have social and environmental justice at their core.  There were many passionate campaigners alongside me, and plenty of political will.  This is an an article I wrote following my trip to Glasgow which may be of interest: COP26 was greenwash from a global elite

I was elected on a manifesto which was clear about the threat of the climate emergency and clear about the radical action necessary.  IT IS ALL DO-ABLE.  We must work toward an economic model that prioritises green jobs and poverty elimination over the consumption of the super-rich and the profits of shareholders.  Far too many fossil-fuel lobbyists at COP26 were listened to, and too many environmental voices were drowned out.

I will continue to advocate that the investments required come from taxing wealth, so that those who are disproportionately responsible for causing the climate emergency, pay the greatest share to repair the damage.

I will also continue to pressure the Government to take the urgent actions required and implement a real Green New Deal to avert climate catastrophe. 

Let’s not forget that in Islington we must of course pay attention locally to ensure we work toward living in a greener, cleaner environment.