So many people in Islington North and beyond have been in touch about the cladding issue which features prominently in parliamentary business.

I have met with constituents about this (perhaps you were one of them), and in the last days of December 2020 I wrote calling for Government support for those facing uncertain futures because of unsafe properties, be they leaseholders, housing associations or anyone else.

Quite simply, it is outrageous that people are still not protected from unsafe cladding, years after the Government promised action. And for the very many who bought their property in good faith, the financial burden of remedying cladding effects should not fall to them.

This issue is causing a great deal of distress to many in Islington and beyond, despite the fact that to date there have been many voices (from all political parties including Prime Ministers, ministers and different MPs), insisting that the Government come up with answers, and urgently.

Those responsible for these buildings being dangerous must pay to make them safe.

I will continue to support all those affected by this wholly unacceptable cladding issue.