Breast cancer diagnosis

Many of my constituents remain concerned about Breast Cancer care in this country, and I share these concerns

A breast cancer diagnosis must surely be distressing, and it is unacceptable to consider that the situation could be a whole lot worse as a result of delays in diagnosis.

While the Government has pledged additional funding in the 2021 Autumn Budget for scanners and diagnostic centres, it has failed to address staff shortages.  It is estimated that the NHS will fall short of 6,000 consultant radiologists and 700 consultant oncologists by 2030.  This is shameful and means that cancer treatment will only get worse.

Unless this is done a University College London study found that the cancer treatment backlog could lead to 10,000 excess deaths, many believe the number is even higher.

I added my name to the cross-party letter demanding that the Health Secretary raise the Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS) target to 95%, so that breast cancer patients get the standard of care that they deserve.

Improving screening rates to ensure earlier diagnosis of cancer, and funding new research to improve treatment options.
I also want to put on record my praise for NHS staff including our dedicated oncologists’ radiotherapists, technical staff and nurses who have worked tirelessly to help people going through the most difficult moments in their lives.