Banning the Fur Trade

Although fur farming has been outlawed in the UK, fur imports are still allowed to continue.

You might know that for almost 30 years I have championed the fight against animal cruelty and have signed countless (Parliamentary) Early Day Motions opposing practices and actions involving cruelty to animals.

In addition to being committed to banning fur imports, I support a wide range of other animal welfare policies – including ending the badger cull, banning the importation of hunting trophies of threatened species, and working internationally to end the practice of commercial whaling.

Although many retailers now refuse to stock real fur, it is still sold in the United Kingdom. Consumers can often be misled into buying real fur, believing it to be fake.

No animal should be treated cruelly or made to suffer unnecessary pain. I have added my name to Early Day Motion #193 which calls for a ban on the import of fur products. It is clear from the range of signatories to that motion that there is wide support for the measure.

The 14th September debate is on the parliamentary website though I was not free to attend on that occasion.

That said, animal welfare remains high on my priority list.