Banning imports of fur and foie gras

It is absurd and illogical that the Government has banned the production of these products in the UK but still allows them to be sold here.

I have always been opposed to animal cruelty of all kinds and have done everything I could to stop it and will continue to do so.  Animals are sentient beings and experience suffering, just as we do.

No animal should be treated cruelly or made to suffer unnecessary pain.  Allowing imports of products that have been produced on the back of the suffering of animals means that the Government is condoning that suffering.

In 2019 I stood on a manifesto setting out a vision to lead the world with high animal welfare standards in the wild, in farming and for domestic animals. I pledged to setup an independent Animal Welfare Commissioner.

I will be voting for any legislation that stops the import of these cruelly produced products and any others that are produced in a similar manner at the expense of animals.

Animal welfare will continue to remain a high priority for me.