Banning E Collars for Dogs

Many constituents have emailed me about banning e-collars for Dogs.

This is a challenging topic indeed. It seems obvious to me that there are some outstanding points which no one should oppose. Such as the need to keep dogs away from sheep and other livestock.

It does seem a very weak argument to say that an e-collar can be used for certain training but not for others. That sounds like a compromise to try to please different constituency interests.

I understand that Defra, which originally opposed any kind of ban on e-collars has now conceded that there is growing evidence of harm.

Clearly there must other ways to counter attacks on sheep and other livestock, including other ways of dealing with stray dogs.

I support the proposed ban and am pleased that many of my constituents do too.  I have asked the Minister for their position, and on receipt of that reply I’ll post again on this.