Backing the Lords Amendments to the Agricultural Bill

I wholeheartedly support the Lords amendments as above. I have campaigned for many years against cruelty of all kinds towards animals and have signed numerous Early Day Motions challenging and asking for reform of modern industrial agricultural practices.

In 2019 I stood on a manifesto which pledged to create “post-Brexit farm subsidies to reward and encourage both high animal welfare standards and environmental practices” and committed to “keeping and strengthening the statutory codes of practice covering the treatment of farm animals”.

I want to see legislation enshrine in law those protections that ensure that future trade deals do not weaken animal welfare standards or environmental protections.

The Government’s Agricultural Policy does provide public money for public goods, such as enhancing the environment and investing in sustainable food production. I will support any amendments that ensure that UK food standards and animal welfare standards do not drop below current UK standards; indeed, I want to see them enhanced.

I am committed to enhancing the environment and investing in sustainable and cruelty-free food production. I will continue to pressure the Government that the Agricultural Policy and Trade Bills meet or exceed the standards currently in place.