Animal Welfare

I have always been a keen supporter of animal welfare; I support legislation to ban primates being kept as pets, live animal exports for slaughter, puppy imports, cats and kittens imports, a ban on fur and hunting trophies, to recognise that animals are sentient and to end the badger cull.

I support a ban on any type of cruelty to animals including elephant rides, industrial animal farming practices and am concerned that the Government is not prioritising animal welfare elsewhere – particularly in relation to the signing of new trade deals. These may lead to UK markets being flooded with products from countries that do not meet UK animal welfare standards, such as Australia.

In 2019 I stood on a manifesto setting out a vision to lead the world with high animal welfare standards in the wild, in farming and for domestic animals. I pledged to setup an independent Animal Welfare Commissioner.

The Government must properly protect animal welfare and our natural environment for the long term, and I will continue to speak out directly in Parliament and beyond to continue to keep up the pressure for reform.

I have always voted in favour of all legislation and amendments to stop the cruel treatment of animals and will continue to do so.